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"What I wanted to do is punch you and hug you at the same time," said chef Omar Cadena about his food at the new hidden gem Omarcitos Latin Café, where you need to go next in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago.

The debut restaurant – 23 years in the making – earned a rare three out of four stars.

-Louisa Chu, Chicago Tribune

About omarcitos

Omarcitos gets its name from Owner and Chef Omar Cadena—a first-generation born in the United States to Cuban and Ecuadorian parents and a proud Chicago native. The meaning of the name comes from being the grandson of Omar Jimenez, the successful jewelry entrepreneur of Omar's Jewelry who opened for business in Logan Square back in 1979. (In Spanish, adding ‘cito’ to the end of a name is an endearing way to refer to someone as a little version of someone.) Omar has spent over 20 years working in kitchens across Chicago including the last seven years as general manager of BIG & Littles in Wicker Park. A lot of hard work, long days, sweat and tears went into the creation of Omarcitos. The vibe you get being here comes from a genuine love for cooking food and making others happy.  What we can promise you is delicious Latin American street food, friendly service, and a good time with good people. Here are some final words from Omar himself: "What I want to provide at Omarcitos is an overall experience. The music is right. The vibe is inviting, warm, and welcoming. From the moment you approach the building, you should automatically feel "I'm at the right place." Because when you eat here, you're familia.

Omarcitos is a fun, soulful, open outdoor space design with 3 key areas:

The Kitchen Counter: A bright yellow shipping container where the orders come in and out. We want you to get the authentic feeling of ordering and eating Latin food on the streets of Central and South America.

The Patio/Courtyard: Seats up to 50 people with colorful tables. Plenty of space to wind down and enjoy some live music, great food, chingón drinks with your friends and Chicago neighbors. We are a BYOB or spirits establishment, we provide mixers.

The Marketplace: Surrounding the courtyard will be vendors from Chicago businesses. Expect to browse and buy jewelry, clothes, and spices along with vendors offering cocktails and cerveza.

Our mission is to give Chicago a chingón Latin street food experience where the vibe is perfect, the music hits right, and you feel like la familia.

Live Entertainment

On occasion, you will find local DJs and other artists performing inside our social room/dine-in area. Come back every week for new performances, you never know who you might find.

Our Food

Come for the food. Stay for the vibe. Tag a friend (or four) who you’d bring here to eat Tacos Dorados or our famous Quesa' Ropa while sipping down a cold cerveza or margarita. This is just a preview of the authentic Latin street food you can find on our menu. Click the link in our bio to see all the dishes we’ll be cooking up for you soon.



The Omarcito $9

Toasted French roll with pureed black beans, muenster cheese, and tomatoes served with a side of Salvadorian sour cream.

The Fulanito $14

Egg & Scallion omelette, cheese, tomato, onion, marinated steak with Omarcito’s special green garlic sauce on French bread

The Chonchito $14

Egg & Scallion omelette, cheese, tomato, onion with mojo marinated pork on French bread

Ham, egg and cheese $12

Egg omelette, chopped ham, cheese, tomato, onion on French bread

Pan Con Timba / Bread and Guava $7

Toasted French roll with cream cheese and guava.

Tostada Cubana $4

Toasted and buttered French bread

(Perfect with cafe con leche)

Sandwiches or Jibarito (gluten free) $12

Add cheese for $2

Ropa Vieja 

Refried black beans, sweet plantains, Cuban-style braised shredded beef, sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, Omarcito’s special green garlic sauce, and crema Salvadoreña. Served on a French roll or as a jibarito on fried crispy plantains.


AKA pan con bistek, grilled thinly sliced marinated steak served up on a toasted French roll with sliced tomato, steamed white onions, and a splash of our garlic mojo sauce.


Shredded marinated chicken with Omarcito’s special green garlic sauce, tomato and onions.


Pan con lechon, roasted marinated pork pulled then seared on the flattop with our garlic mojo sauce served on a toasted French roll.


Seasoned marinated fish in a seasoned cornmeal crust, deep fried and served on a toasted French roll or as a Jibarito with Ecuadorian salsa criolla and my special green garlic sauce. 


Specials $18

Tacos dorados de pollo en consomé

Four crispy seasoned chicken tacos dorados are served right inside a bowl of chicken consomé with red potato, garbanzos, and epazote. We top this off with finely shredded purple cabbage, tomato, onion, cilantro, Salvadorian sour cream, my special green garlic sauce, tomatoes, and queso rayado. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do making it.


Handmade corn tortillas smothered with ropa vieja braising liquid then filled with melted shredded muenster cheese and our succulent ropa vieja (Cuban style braised shredded beef in a light tomato sauce), topped with shredded spinach, diced tomato, drizzled with Omarcito’s special green garlic mayo, crema Salvadoreña and crumbled queso fresco. Served with your choice of garlic yellow rice or white rice and black beans, sweet plantains (maduros) or savory crispy fried green plantains (tostones).


Plates $15

Bistec Encebollado 

Marinated sirloin steak and onions with garlic mojo. Served with either white rice & black beans or yellow rice and either sweet plantains (maduros) or crispy fried green plantains(tostones).

Pollo Adobado 

Braised and shredded chicken in our delicious and light adobo sauce. Served with either white rice & black beans or yellow rice and either sweet plantains(maduros) or crispy fried green plantains(tostones)

Ropa Vieja

Cuban-style shredded braised beef stew. Served with either white rice & black beans or yellow rice and either sweet plantains (maduros) or crispy fried green plantains (tostones).


Mojo marinated pork shoulder slow braised and pulled topped with onions. Served with either white rice & black beans or yellow rice and either sweet plantains (maduros) or crispy fried green plantains  (tostones).


Crispy cornmeal-crusted seasoned and marinated fish topped with Ecuadorian salsa criolla. Served with yellow rice and tostones.


Empanadas $6 each

Ropa Vieja / Cuban- style shredded beef 

Lechon / Citrus & garlic marinated pork

Pollo  / Chicken in a Caribbean creole sauce

Veggie / Roasted veggies in a tomato sauce (Vegan) 

Queso y cebolla verde / Cheese & scallion

Alambre / Steak, cheese & scallion

Timba / Guava & cream cheese


Sides $7

White rice

Black beans

Garlic yellow rice

Salsa criolla 



Maduros preparados, with Salvadorian sour cream and queso fresco $9



Sodas $2.50

Bottled water $2

Topo Chico $3.50

Cuban coffee / Cafecito $2.50

Cortadito / Cuban coffee with a little milk $3.50

Cafe con leche (hot) $6

Iced cafe con leche $8

Coconut cafe con leche (hot) $7

Iced coconut cafe con leche $9


Flan by Sweet Lady Flan $6

  • Coconut 

  • Cafe con leche



Sofrito and Garlic Paste by the Marinated Kitchen

(Omarcito’s Latin Cafe proudly uses the sofrito and garlic paste from the Marinated Kitchen)

16oz Mason jar of Sofrito $14

160z Mason jar of Garlic Paste $17

Photo of Omarcitos indoor dining area
Omarcitos indoor dining area.

Our catering is open for business. 


The Market

Surrounding the courtyard are vendors from Chicago businesses. Expect to browse and buy jewelry, clothes, and spices along with vendors offering cocktails and cerveza.

Calendar of events

Check back for future events. Call or email Omar to book a private event in our L2W space.